Benefit Programs

Here are just a few of the benefit programs:

  • Home Ownership
  • College Acceptance
  • Aid to businesses
  • Providing educational opportunities.
  • Improving Health
  • Providing Assistance with Behavioral Health, Alcohol and Substance Addictions
  • Business Aid and Contract Participation
  • Abuse care
  • Retirement Relief
  • Financial Protection
  • Veterans Rights
  • Credit Acceptance< and Immunity/li>
  • Career Rights
Priority Eligibility

To receive prioirty consideration will be given to individuals that are descendants of enslaved Americans. To qualify to obtain program benefits, as a descendant, DNA test results will be needed and the following:
Must be a United States of America citizen and resident of the United States and has voted since the 2012 General Election.
(E) Cannot be incarcerated in detention, or in a prison facility in the United States of America and must be relieved permanently from probation agreement.
(F) Test results must demonstrate 25% or greater of linage of African Caribbean or Wet Indies bloodline, (5% is the sum of African and Caribbean or West Indies lineage) , DNA to be eligible for claim benefits set forth in the Recovery Act.
(G) Statute of Limitations does not apply with new discovery of injuries or acts committed to all Living Descendants of Enslaved Americans by the United States of America domestic or international parties and institutions.
(H) Applicant Heritage Test Requirements for Benefits Are:
(i) Must reside and vote in the United States from 2012 to present.
(ii) Must meets the requirements of Sec. (a)(1) (D), (E) and (F) and
(iii) Must have DNA Percentage totaling at least a 25% match of 1486 combined, African and West Indies heritage. Such as listed below:
(I) Haiti;
(II) Jamaica;
(III) Trinidad and Tobago;
(IV) The U.S. Virgin Islands;
(V) Bahamas;
(VI) Barbados;
(VII) Bermuda;
(VIII) Antigua;
(IX) Barbuda; and
(X) Other West Indies.
Veteran immigrants-any veteran whom served Active, Reserve, or volunteered for the U.S. Armed Forces during peacetime or wartime from the following locations whose countries were affiliated with slavery and civil rights injuries within the United States of America after declaring citizenship or before awarded citizenship:
(A) Haiti;
(B) Jamaica;
(C)Trinidad and Tobago;
(D) The U.S. Virgin Islands;
(E) Bahamas;
(F) Barbados;
(G) Bermuda;
(H) Antigua; and
(I) Barbuda.
Other priority categories
1. Descendants of Civil War service for the militia of the Reublic of the U.S. of America
2. West Indies or Caribbean Afro Descendants who are U.S. citizens.
3. Returning American Afro descendants from Liberia whom are U.S. citizens.

Recovery Assistance to Business

Proposed sending on business loans and grants, business education, legal assistance and more.
We want to hear your ideas.
Submit your ideas to

Other Recovery Benefit Programs

Let us know what benefit programs you would like to see.
Submit your new program areas and ideas to:

Intern and Volunteer Opportunities

American Recoverty Trust seeks volunteers and interns looking for opportunites to gain experience in responible positions. We are seeking candidates that would like to take charge, have authority to implent their ideas, and would like to learn to manage others. These positions are desisgned to incease your job skills, marketability, and get knowledege and experience you may not have gained elsewhere. Positions are available in all departments, many of which you will help to create. Here are are few intern and volunteer positions:

Operations Positions
Human Resources Internship
Marketing Manger Internship
Fund Raiser Internship
Grant Writer Internship
Historical Researcher Internship
Benefit Program Positions
Behavioral Health Internship,
Nutrition Program Manager
Housing Program Manager
  • Aid to businesses
  • Providing educational opportunities.
  • Improving Health
  • Providing Mental Health, Alcohol and Substance
  • Abuse care
  • Housing Ownership
  • Financial Protection
  • Veterans Rights
  • Credit Acceptance
  • Career Rights

All benefits are designed to improve life for individuals, families and communities. In doing so, the nation benefits.

Recovery by Community Improvments: Crime Reduction

Consider implementation of methods redirecting gang members :
Measures taken by New York and Boston's comprehensive strategies.
Provide teams to approach youth consisting of mentors,healthcare providers, spritualists, employment counselors, social workers and parole officers making home visits. Provide jobs and income sources. Provide afteroon, evening and week end activities, such free video, photograhy, and computer graphics programs.
Intraduce "Intervenors" to prevent gang homocide retaliations.
Encourage street ministers and spirtitual leaders to relate to gang members during late night and early mornings (1-2 AM)
Consider methods of the Christian Motorcyclists Association Learn from methods of effective conversion of gang members used by Nicky Cruz and David Wilkerson (The Cross and the Switch Blade Click on book cover on left).
Send us methods you know that have reduced gang crime to: