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Suggested Housing and Community Development Programs

We welcome your ideas for Housing and Community Development Programs
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Housing Physical Requirements

No dilapidated buildings
Separate home entrances

Housing Materials

Convrete>br> Cement and Concrete Foam

Housing Finance Options

Housing Colors

Color impact of house exteriors, interiors, and buildings.
Stress Reduction Colors: light green, pink, yellow, light blue, light violet
Read more and references for colors in architecture
Click here or house image for town house color
Colorful House Examples and facade variations and 2 family unit. Sound attenuation: Tight windows, doors and Z baffles
Sun Light
Housing Interiors: Nature scenes including live animals. birds, butterflies
Neighborhood Planning, Including Psychological and Social Requirements

Housing Construction Options

Pre Fabricated
On Site Building

Housing Ownership and Rental Options

Community Development

Living Nature: green space , trees, flowers, vegetation, community gardens, animals
Street art
Stress reducing
Clean air-
Visually pleasing
Public transportation
Renewable Energy Geothermal, Solar other
Community events
Playgrounds and recreation
Health clinics : Social Behavior Education, urgent care
Daycare and eldercare centers
Outdoor recreation: children, adults, elders
Indoor recreation children, adults, elders Ping Pong (Brain exercise)
Community Meeting: social interaction, dining rooms and buildings.
Health Facilities : PTSD, Emergency Social Behavioral counseling
Shopping: Food Fresh fruits and vegetables
Dining: Restaurants- Fast Health Food
Education facilities youth and adult. Job and entrepreneur training
Spiritual Centers