f American Recovery Trust Corporation

Suggested Nutrition Programs

Programs will include:

We plan, when funds available to research effective nutritional programs that will address obesity,
diabetes, cancer prevention, heart disorders and general health.
o neighborhood support meetings,

o educational materials ,

o access to healthy food,

o how to choose and avoid restaurants,

o how to obtain and understand nutrition facts,

o discrediting “healthy food” advertising and promotions by the beverage, meat and dairy industries.

o investigating and exposing, when identified, funding by the meat and dairy industry to national
organizations that publish and advocate consumption of harmful beverages, meat and dairy products,
such as the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and American, Diabetes Association
(See on Netflix "What the Health" about40 minutes into it)

o tasty vegan no oil recipes to raise energy levels and increase muscle strength (see on Netflix, "Game Changers" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and others).

We will partner with other organizations to implement effective programs and establish metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of programs

Nutrition Facts Label

Other ideas to discuss:
Nutrition Facts Label
Improve label
Modifications: Highlight Good Ingredients,
If color, red, moderation Orange, Good Green
Bad if black and White: Skull and Crossbones or number degree of badness,
Highlight Trans fats, Saturated Fats, Oils
Require visibility in candy stores, establishments serving donuts and pastries.
Increased Visibility
All fresh meat, chicken products and dairy products: warning labels, increased risk and may cause cancer, heart disease and stroke. Graphic images discouraging consumption. Labels and dispensers, supplied by the city government at no cost. Fines for not using or incentives for using labels.

Cooking contests

Sponsor Vegan no oil cooking contents, every entrant gets a prize
Partner with faith based groups, churches, temples, mosques, city government, food stores

Restaurant and Fast Food Establishments

Incentives for restaurants to offer healthy meals.
Tax credits, government publicizing by free advertisements, when restaurant’s menu offer healthyfrutis and vegan no oil items. restaurants,

Publicizing Health Information

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) in movie theatres produced by high school students
PSAs on radio shows, poster on public transit, metro rail and metro bus stations.
Verify Health Information on web sites and further publicize in schools, print broadcast and social media
Example web sites
Top 10 Evil Food Additives

Other Actions Suggested

Neighborhood street fairs or community group lunches featuring only vegan no oil recipes
Sport concession stands selling meat and chicken, warning labels on meat and chicken products.

We want to hear your ideas.
Submit your program ideas to programs@americanrecoverytrust.com